Some tips and advice to help you make the most of your procurement.

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Since our dawn, mtn has become famous for our unparalleled commitment to your satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the brand that we are today. Here's how to make the most of your shiny new performance enhancers.



Install your coils flush against the posts, tighten down the screws and then pull the craft out a little - see the photos throughout our site for reference, they're a short distance away from the posts, and you won't need a measuring tool to do this. This keeps the craft in an optimal position to let air pass around it as intended, and pulls each wrap tight, preventing collapse. We wrap our crafts in such a way that minimises hot spots. 
If you've touched the craft, give it a quick rinse under running water to remove any oils that will have transferred from your skin as these can be burnt during the next step; pulsing.



At no more than 25-30 watts for a dual-coil sub-Ohm build (5-6 watts for MTL, or 15-20 watts for a single-coil), gently introduce heat.
Be judicious during this step, you only want to see where the hot spots are so be careful not to glow your build hotter than the red-orange colour; any more torrid and you'll risk breaking down the materials faster.
You'll see some beautiful colours emerging as you do this, from a rich gold to royal purple, and then a deep ocean blue that seamlessly transitions to a piercing electric blue. This is entirely normal, and our strict cleaning process helps intensify the beauty of this step. In short, the sooner and cooler you can work out the hot spots, the better.



The inevitable chore has been reduced. Thank you, science! Thanks to our ultra-fine fuse wires and super low mass, we've even managed to increase the lifespan of your wicks!

Try to keep ahead of this step - as soon as you notice some discolouration of your cotton or a build up of gunk, re-wick as soon as you can. If you keep on top of this you'll add months to the lifespan of your crafts.

With your atomiser on a regulated device, set the power to the appropriate wattage and repeat the previous steps. Feel free to rinse under hot, running water as opposed to cold and still, and use a little unscented soap if necessary - just be sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Our retractable brass brushes are perfect for removing stubborn particulates of gunk without damaging your crafts.



Keep your wattage low. The lower, the better.

Ensure that your install is tidy and uniform.

Keep on top of cleaning and be meticulous.

We stock tools that aid this task and help keep the materials in good order.

Let your wicks become saturated and be patient while they break in.