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Here's a quick Gantt Chart - find your preferred wattage across the top, and see which builds correspond. Easy!

Gantt Chart .png


When building an RTA, there is always one characteristic that's overlooked in recommendations; heat retention.

Any coil that's high in mass will require a lot of power to heat, and takes more time to get to temperature. If it takes longer to get to temperature, it subsequently takes longer to cool, thus has higher heat retention.

This is particularly unfavourable in reduced-chamber atomisers as, well, you've a reduced chamber. Your chamber is, essentially, a permeable partition between your deck and tank, which means your liquid will discolour and wicks will continue to cook after you've released the "Fire" button. Eliminating these two hostile and destructive oddities simply means more time between a wick change, and your coils remain flavourful and reliable. Cheers, science!

So, with our methods explained, our Quad-cores or Fused Claptons come first in our recommendations here; ultra-low mass, easy install, unequivocally vast power curves, and boundless performance. Job job. 


Featuring the smallest atomisers of the industry, it's crucial that we scale your build accordingly. Big coils are a no-no here. Imagine maniacally stuffing the heart of an elephant into a dormouse - you may feel like you're filling the real-estate within, but considering the total volume of the chamber, and even the thickness of the materials is imperative. See the above paragraph - this applies here, too.

With this, smaller coils hold pervasive benefits; not only do they help your wicks last longer (as discussed above), thus reducing the frequency of the chore that is maintenance, they also hold the ability to eliminate condensation within the atomiser. This, again, increases the lifespan of your wicks. 


Our Nano Aliens are a fantastic option for MTL and RDL, not just because of their resistance or size, but ultra-low mass. Our Billet coils are perfect for any Boro bridge or AIO device, such as the DotAIO and Billet Box, as an RDL/DL draw. If you're wanting a warm MTL vape or relaxed RDL, our 0.6 Ohm Orbit coils are the ones, and a personal go-to.

An ulterior beneficiary with the aforementioned crafts is increased battery life!
Again, resistance isn't important here - all this will tell you is how many amps you're pulling from your cells.



Ultimately, anything goes in this application.
Quad-core Aliens and SFCs have long been our favourite in this case - immense flavour and painless maintenance, all with a homely crackle when firing.

This one really is open to interpretation, but you can narrow this down by taking advantage of either our Classic and Advanced Packs, each providing an outstanding experience - just remember to leave a note at the checkout for us asking for your crafts to be tailored to suit a specific orientation or atomiser. If it's something a little higher in resistance, our Billet Mk2 coils are perfect for the Haku Venna, Monarchy 4th, etc - at 0.36 Ohms per coil (outside of a Boro mod), they're rapidly becoming a best seller. Bish, bash, and bosh!


If your use-case isn't here, have a browse of our site to see what craft takes your fancy. Below each listing is a general wattage range which should aid your search, and a concise description of how each craft shines.

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