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Are Aliens the best coils?

MTN Coils UK handmade 8 core Alien coils, coloured and wicked in blue TM RDA
MTN Octa-core Aliens

In this post, we're going to be going over what makes Aliens great, and how they compare to other, lesser-known coils. We've all tried an Alien, whether it's a dual-coil build in an RDA, or something smaller for MTL in a Boro bridge.

We love how responsive they are and the flavour they provide, particularly with fruit-flavoured e-liquids.

Why are Aliens so popular?

Aliens are the first thing on offer when a builder decides to start selling. They're usually handmade with Ni80 and consist of three cores with the trademark "S" shape fuse wire that binds everything together.

Tri-core Aliens, Quad-core, Six-core, Ni80 and SS; there's a seemingly infinite number of variations and each has its perks. Generally, the more core wires the better, but we'll get into our math behind this in another post.

Aliens are the Jack of all trades when it comes to rebuildables, and people love their versatility.

Are there any better coils?

Alien coils are great for fruit flavours, but each type of coil will perform differently in each application. Any coil that uses ribbon wire will be better for dessert flavours, such as Staggertons or Framed Staples, so if you're into doughnuts or pastries these should be your priority.

Tri core Aliens are a fantastic place to start your rebuildable journey, and you can always advance to more elaborate coils such as MTN's Quad-core Aliens, Six-core Aliens, or even our Ni90 Aliens.


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