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Kilic RBA by Kilic Customs review. Phenomenal piece of art!

Hello, and welcome to the all new Shtin review! My name is Eyal Shtinman; 35 year-old product manager from Israel. Gamer, tech lover, fan of innovation, underdog supporter, sweets addict, and master of laziness. I’m also a vape enthusiast for the last 5 years, and a very amateur & unprofessional reviewer - which is the perfect skillset to share some insights with you in the MTN Coils platform.

On our journey, I always found an actual genuine opinion and experience from the average user missing, as opposed to the variety of reviews out there; these are great, but also sometimes feel like it just doesn’t connect with me (or you). Instead of videos from a studio, I wanna see photos from a messy desk coated with pet hair.

So, my review; full of feelings, humour, sarcasm, thoughts and experience with on bunch of mods, RDAs, Boros, tools, and other stuff. I’m a DL/RDL person, so if you’re doing that MTL shenanigan I won’t judge you! Got this far? Great! Alright enough with the gibber gabber, let’s dive into the first Shtin review - The Kilic RBA by Kilic Customs:

The dry stuff;

This is an RBA by a company called Kilic Customs, based in Malaysia. They did a bunch of innovative panels, an RDA (or two), and now doing their first Boro bridge. They market this as super innovative, balancing air intake and circulation, and honestly they had me at “maximization of flavour”. See the exact specs as posted on Kilic FB group:
How much does it cost? 135 USD.
How do I get it? Kilic Customs on Facebook.
First impressions; I got the RBA on a pre-order (“X1" on the post if you’re interested), worked out the details and payment directly with one of the admins (Vincent, a super nice dude) - got a link to their website pay via credit card. Why am I telling you this? Because you should always ALWAYS be cautious when someone asks you to pay via PM. Package was sent via UPS, ~1 week after this beauty was received:

Gorgeous piece, wonderful machining, has a beauty ring – which is beautifully beautiful, looks stunning, only one o-ring (hidden somewhere, don’t know, haven't found it yet )


  • The deck is very straight forward, not too small not too big, seems like 2.5mm-3mm ID coil are ideal, but not more than that.

  • Using MTN fused Clapton coil, 4 wraps, 2.5mm ID.

  • Beauty ring goes under the deck, I’ve placed the coil a little bit above the airflow pin, didn’t really raise it a lot (less throat hit) using the default 3.5mm airflow pin that comes installed.

  • Cotton lays into those holes. Beauty ring goes up once the 510 adapter screws back, thus covering the cotton.

  • No issues putting it in various tanks, I went with the Atmizoo.

  • Wicks like a champ.

  • I ALWAYS use way too much cotton initially, but here it actually worked out pretty well.

Performance, pros, cons, and the bottom line;

Freaking excellent!

  • Astonishing machining, very well done and very clean too. Oh - no o-rings,. None, zero, nada (none that I seen at least).

  • Easy and straightforward to build, flat screws - which are always more comfortable in my opinion, no problems with cutting the coil or leads touching cap.

  • Kind of like Atom regarding wicking, but a little different - the cotton “naturally” falls where it should lay, the beauty ring actually helps put it into place, but took more time than usual. The cap and beauty rings stay loose until screwing the 510 ring back on.

  • Fits perfectly in Atmizoo tank, probably in Armor too. I heard it might not fit with the beauty ring to some tanks (not sure which, need to check Proro and Spacepod). It can be used without the beauty ring if this is the case.

  • Louuuuud airflow, but in a good way; had the 3.5mm insert and a 2.5mm ID coil, “wide open” tank and device, I can clearly hear the air.

  • The flavour is bang on, like any other great RBA - more depends on the coil I think. 35-38 watts, fused Clapton, 0.3ohms for me.

  • This thing wicks like a champ! And I’ve put way too much cotton there.

Final Score & Thoughts;

Fantastic! One of the best RBAs I got to try, and easily up there with Mobb2 - if you can get one, pull the trigger and don’t look back.

The only con I found is that the beauty ring is loose until you screw the 510 ring back on, and maybe the airflow being a bit loud (but that’s also mainly me and my build).


9/10 Shtin The Mans for this piece of art.

Thank you for reading! Please share any feedback you have and see you in the next review!

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