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A big thank you to our Annual BL∧CK supporters;

J. Clow - cat meme lord.

C. Green - drinks whisky.

S. Moody - has a camera.

D. Cozens - crackin' beard.

E. Shtinman - the biggest heart in Israel.

J. Allen - high class.

And our BL∧CK supporters;

F. Gerner - drives a BMW.

C. Oldroyd - don't feed him after midnight.

B. Graham - eats after midnight.

S. Flygare - from Sweden!

J. Vesanen - the Finnish beardless Viking.

R. McAuslan - metalhead.

J. Chappell - 3D-printer.

N. Williams - Mr Humble.

M. Wilson - every day's Vape-mail Day.

E. Gibson - merch collector.

B. Torskyj - handsome AF.

C. Hard - another handsome one.

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