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MTN Coils UK Ni80 0.33 Ohm Series Aliens installed installed in RDA


MTN is now a drop-based company. Stock is crafted in small batches and will only be available when added to our website. We don't know when items will be live, so for your best chances to buy:

  1. Click the "notify when available" button under a product

  2. Join us on Discord for inside info on drops

  3. Become a VIP to skip the queues and order at any time


Contact Hours outside of Discord

Monday - Friday: 19:00-20:00

Saturday: 11.00 -12:00

Sunday: 11:00-12:00


Write in to us here

Thanks for submitting!

  • Are your coils clean?
    Heck yes they are! We know that the cleaner the coil is, the more vibrant the colours come through when dry-firing, and the more intense the flavour. This is because wire is lubricated when it's spooled in the factory, and while Twisted Messes takes extraordinary steps to rid the wire of excess lubricants and impurities, some may remain. I have a very strict five-step cleaning process - first, I steam your coils before they're bathed in an ultrasonic cleaner with a little solution for an hour. They're then high-velocity steam blasted, and transferred to a second ultrasonic cleaner containing only purified water for another hour. Finally, they're left overnight under a 195nm ultraviolet light to rid any remaining bacteria and pathogens. I know that heating them during install will do this, but I love the shine that my method gives and I'm totally anal about everything - you should see how organised the kitchen cupboards are.
  • I own a store - do you sell at wholesale?
    I do indeed! Whether you have a single store, or a global distribution network, the name is big enough to deliver but small enough to care. Free shipping is standard on any wholesale order, and I'll send you high-res and Instagram-ready photos as well website descriptions to make your switch as seamless as possible. I'll include a few extra sets of coils for you and your team to try, so you're able to confidently give tailored recommendations to your valued customers. I will be sticking to only three shops per country, so get your foot in the door and build the best name for your brand.
  • When will coils be available?
    MTN Coils is now a part-time venture. I focus on a career in marketing and branding during the week, and craft small batches of coils on weekends. During the month, I'll work on two or three types of craft which will be added to stock at the end of that month. Products will be on rotation, so there could be a focus on MTL one month, Super Sub-Ohm the next, and Boro after - it's up to you to join Discord to have the best chances of securing a couple of sets, but remember to stock up as the same build won't be available for a few months!
  • Can I pre-order coils?
    Yes, if you're on Discord you'll have the latest news and immediate updates as and when pre-orders open. This is the only way to get in early if you're not a VIP (VIPs can order anything at any time), but you'll only get these updates on Discord.
  • Can I request an order for coils when they're out of stock?
    Yes, if you're a VIP. VIPs have the ability to skip the queues and order anything at any time, and get free shipping upgrades as well as many more awesome perks. To see the full list of perks, click here and join our Discord community to benefit.
  • When will my order be despatched?
    We aim to have all items dispatched the morning after you place your order. 99% of the time this is the case, however, for bigger orders or custom builds, it can take a little longer but it's usually the next day. Please note that G1pm shipping does not speed up dispatch times, it only guarantees morning delivery. Contact your courier for more information and updates. MTN's crafts are made by one person, in-house, by hand, so aren't "off-the-shelf" - because of this, immediate availability has been swapped for careful inspection and guaranteed high standards. Worth it? Absolutely. ​
  • I pre-ordered. When will my order be despatched?
    A pre-order is a pre-order, and MTN is a part-time venture. We'll always go over the terms of a pre-order in an email campaign and Discord, so refer back to these for all info.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Regularly! There's a flat-rate shipping cost, and we can't do anything about that; so, with all international orders, we'll include a freebie or some accessories to make up for the ghastly charges. It can take up to two weeks for an order to arrive, however it's usually a lot faster than this. Refer to your couriers for all info.
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