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We pride ourselves on granting a first-rate service. All MTN's performance enhancers are made using the highest quality Twisted Messes and Juice Junkie wire, endure a strict five-step cleaning process lasting thirteen hours, and are attentively inspected prior to being reverently packaged. Get 'em in, take a hit and experience previously undiscovered depths of flavour and overwhelming performance.

Breaker (2).png

With months invested in finding the perfect combination of materials and wire gauges to ensure each craft achieves peak performance in each application, you can be sure that you're getting the best. All coils are tried and tested over an extended period by unbiased consumers before official release.

Pre-built and wrapped with the optimal balance between internal diameter and number of wraps. Only MTN understands that some of you prefer a little higher resistance so, throwing aside the notion of unnecessary labels that state minimal change, we simply leave the legs of your favourite crafts longer, thus granting the ability to add a wrap or two while making for far easier installation. Keep it simple, and Go Premium.

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