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What's the best cotton wick?

MTN Coils UK handmade Helix Staple coils, coloured and wicked in Goon 25 RDA
MTN Helix coil, installed and wicked in the Goon25 RDA with MTN CTN.

So, cottons. The infinitely subjective topic. Or is it? Is there one that we all need?

Is Cotton Bacon really the best?

Cotton Bacon has always been regarded as the best, but is that just because it was the first "for-vapers" wick on the market after Muji pads?

As the years have bought new products and boundless evolution within our industry, cotton wicks have been something that has only been revised a couple of times by a handful of brands. We see the cottons with high profit margins stocked by our wholesalers and larger online stores, but Cotton Bacon and Cotton Gods are at the bottom of the pile for us, and many other consumers.

"Cotton Bacon is the Tesco Value of the cotton world. It does the job, but since joining here I’ve been on Cloud 9 and don’t think I’d change back" ~ LetMeVape

What are our favourite cottons?

If you're an MTN OG, you'll remember our own blend of cotton that was made to reflect our incredibly high standards. It took a little longer to saturate when first installed, but the heat resistance, flavour, and lifespan was incredible! A mix of the COVID pandemic and fires in that part of the States meant that we could no longer get this produced and, sadly, operations were closed. I have two packs left, and I might just take them to the grave with me.

Around MTN CTN, myself and our Discord Community find BP great in RBAs, and Cloud 9 to be the best in RDAs and RTAs. BP is fantastic value for money - seriously, it's as if it comes in bottomless tubs - and Cloud 9 is the purest. It's so fluffy, you could collect the offcuts and make a pillow from the Heavens. Great break-in times, no clumps in the fibres, it's easy to work with, and lasts.

BP is incredible value, and Cloud 9 obliterates all other cottons.

We also enjoy using, and hear great things about Titanium cotton, and 13 feets.

Time to bin the Bacon, and impeach the Cotton Gods?




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