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Is high-end vaping worth the cost?

MTN Optimist RE60 Deluxe regulated Boro mod, 3D printed 18650
MTN Optimist RE60 Deluxe regulated Boro mod - exclusive to VIPs

Do we really need to be spending £200 on an RTA, and £400 on a mod to put it on? Mhmm. £12 on coils isn't a stretch.

Why can vaping be so expensive?

Well, a recurring theme of this post will be an item's value to you, and this is where that subjectivity thing comes into play again. We need to compare two totally different business models here; mass-produced products from China by people who have shareholders to please, to small-batch, hand-machined items made by someone who you're on a first-name basis with. Let's get into it.

Why are Chinese vaping products "reasonably priced"?

We've all been there. We've needed a little pod mod or a cheap RTA to fill a gap; whether it stays in your car and is only used on drives, or it's something you throw in your backpack to use while you're being dragged around town. The value of these items was first to help us quit smoking, but also the convenience they offer.

Companies like VooPoo and Aspire pump out products as frequently as I blink. They have an incredibly short shelf-life and they cost pennies to manufacture. Because of this, there's no point trying to sell them on when you're done with them - just throw them in that draw of O-rings or give them away. It's like trying to sell a mug; everyone has a vessel in which to store a beverage, and these cheap devices are nothing more than that, beyond their temporary convenience.

Why are some devices so expensive?

Oooooon the flip-side, we have independent modders that charge hundreds of pounds for their products; not because they want to, but because they have to. They're the ones to sort everything, from design to machining, running their groups, quality checks, despatch, prototyping... It's a boundless list of responsibilities, and the costs to them are insane. CNC machinery, especially with small-batch pieces, is expensive - remember these items are usually custom made to order, or come in batches of as little as five units.

The value of this to you, however, is you have some hardware that's been tried and tested by actual hobbyist vapers - modders need to know the industry enough to make their own products, afterall - you get to speak to them personally instead of having to navigate an impossible team of customer advisors that love to remind you that the issues are on you, there's a chance that you'll own something that nobody else has, and these pieces keep their price. So, is expensive vaping any better?

It always comes down to perceived value.

Of course, there is a threshold of diminishing returns - an M Atty on a Frankenskull will set you back anywhere between £3-7k, but I can guarantee that nobody else would have that setup. Of course, you could probably get the same vape for a tenth of that, but the value this brings to you is a 1/1 piece. Remember, value is different to cost.

So, whether you want that special piece or just something to throw about a bit, it's totally down to you and your use-case. You buy MTN because of the additional value to you, such as better flavour and longer between rewicking, so live your best life.


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