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Bramble: the best e-liquid?

The ingredients of Supergood Bramble e-liquid for vaping

We're always searching for "that one bottle", whether it's fruits or desserts. I, as I'm sure you're aware, and a fruity dude. Every time I get a coffee out I'll grab a pain au chocolat or a danish to compliment and I'm a sucker for a cheesecake, so pastries and desserts certainly have a place in my life. Vaping, however, just has to be a clean and punchy fruit. Simple, right? Well, here's why Bramble's my go-to.

I have to ask what they're comparing this "smoothness" to. Falling off a bike? Being stabbed? Round 1 of X Factor?

That first hit of Bramble.

Right off the ripper, Bramble offers such a perfect balance of ingredients; a subtle lemony zing compliments the incredible depth of the dark fruits and makes this a smacker of an e-liquid, no matter the application. This isn't like custards or creams that need power behind them, or an icy liquid in which you need to run Alien coils to maximise the oomph, it's just a certified banger. A tank full of Bramble in your atomiser is like having Natalie Portman in your bed; you're fucking happy with how things turned out.

Saturation, with no harshness at any strengths.

Shortfills, and salts.

Some high-nic salts are rough and relentless on the inhale, and I've questioned various companies about this in-person at Expos - a frequent reply to my reluctancy is "Our liquids are great at 20mg. No harshness. So smooth. Wow.", so I try them, cough my tonsils up, and have to ask what they're comparing this "smoothness" to. Falling off a bike? Being stabbed? The opening round of X Factor?

Superood have knocked their Cocktail Line out of the park, and Bramble has been an ADV for years at this point; saturating everything from a single Ni90 Alien in a Venna for the dominating performance of a mechanical squonk mod, all the way to 20mg salts coating an MTL Alien in a super rare MTN Mobb at 15 watts, and flavour has been uniform throughout - a feat in itself. I like it when companies put actual thought and testing into their products before launching them, and Supergood have done just this. Applause!

Bramble, after a few months.

We've all faced the struggle of being told that a liquid is fantastic, either through word-of-mouth, a flashy stand at Expo, or powerful marketing, only to put a fresh MTN coil in your favourite atomiser and have it wicked to perfection then finding that this "great liquid" has ruined your Sunday afternoon. In the bin, you lying bottle of disappointment.

Supergood, however minimal their branding, has absolutely nailed this dark fruits recipe through careful measurement, actual testing, and quality ingredients. I'd usually recommend a few alternatives here but, in all honesty, I'm struggling to think of anything that comes close to Bramble. It's the cocktail, but made in the Ritz and with nicotine. It stands the test of time, and years later I'm still besotted with Bramble.


So, after years of vaping Supergood's Bramble in a plethora of atomisers and types of devices, it gets an easy 10/10 from me. It doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, it doesn't shout about itself, it's just a flawless e-liquid that's happy to be what it is; a bottle of lung nectar that works in all applications, and the highest-strength salt nicotine is as smooth and sensational as the shortfill.

We aren't even working with Supergood on this post, despite me trying to get a little discount code for anyone that's made it this far. It's a product I enjoy, and I'm happy to give a shout to any company that nails it. To me, the best e-liquid is Bramble.

As always, we invite you to leave a comment, and share your experience if you've tried Bramble.

Until next week. Laters!

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